Wednesday, April 26, 2006


You can stop waiting.
It has arrived. Whatever
you were waiting for—
the train on Track 5,
the moment when
you can be yourself,
the answer to the question
What am I doing?
They all just landed
on your porch, wrapped
in brown paper
delivered with a thud
by the indifferent postman.
You can stop pacing,
you can stop asking
Where will I send this poem?
It’s time to stand at the end
of the walkway
scan the faces
choose your beloved
and hug. Say How are you?
How was the trip?
Are you hungry?
Can I carry your bags?
No more looking
at your watch
checking the schedule
wishing you had planned
a different reunion
with yourself.
Your life has arrived
at the station


Robin said...

I found your blog through the "Ageless Project" (we were born in the same year). I like your Now poem very much. When I have a bit more time, I'll read back through the archives of your blog. Thanks for placing it on the AP, where I could find it.

Alice P. said...

I, too, just discovered your blog today through the Ageless Project, and simply wanted to tell you I'm loving what I'm reading, the essays as well as the poetry, especially NOW. I look at the people in their 30s 40s and even 50s and I wonder if they are even aware of what it means to live in the "now." I don't think I did but now that I'm 65, I try not to live even a moment ahead or behind!