Friday, April 13, 2007

Poems On Retirement

On Retirement—75 Poems, edited by Robin Chapman and Judith Strasser (University of Iowa Press) has just come out.

The collection embraces wonderful, thoughtful poems by people like Ted Kooser, Denise Levertov, Maxine Kumin, Ishmael Reed, Lucille Clifton, Grace Paley—and my "Walking Out"! They muse on changing roles we play, on open spaces of time, on continuing parenting and grandparenting, on our relationships to cities and countryside, on connection and disconnection from those we love.

“This collection is a magnificent entrée to a season of life when time is at once bountiful and limited, is taken and surrendered, has been invested and withdrawn. Some of these voices say that time is leaden and some say it flies, and all are resolute in facing the arc of life’s course.”—Dave Ekerdt, director, Gerontology Center, University of Kansas


Kendall said...

Anne! How wonderful to find you again! It's your old buddy Kendall. I'm about to retire myself, and I have a blog (google Kendall's Quest if you'd like to see it). I just read Heilbrun's Last Gift of Time and am writing about it, and I was looking for a review to link to my comments when I found your delightful blog. I'm saving this to my favorites and will come back to read all I can and catch up. Would love to hear from you again.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Ah a Poetry Blog! I'm only a month old (as a Blogger; considerably older chronologically) and I've been drifting through Ageless to get ideas. I write poetry of all types and I publish my daily Blog in rhyme. Or rather 'rime' since my Blog is called 'Rinkly Rimes'. I am an Australian Grandmother and I'll have learn American-speak I think!
Hoping we meet in space.