Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I have a new book!

Well, how about that? I've been slowly working way on a compilation of my poems, and now it is complete. I received lovely blurbs from Robin Chapman and Pat Schneider. It is availabel on Amazon and pretty soon you'll be able to search inside.

What I love about this is that I'm putting no pressure on myself, and yet the book is miraculously complete. I hope you like it. Many of the poems I've posted here are included.

Quietly meditative, occasionally witty, and sometimes (this is a compliment) a little strange. The Spaces Between gives to the pilgrim, to the seeker, to the solitary heart in each of us a map back to ourselves. 
~ Pat Schneider, author, Writing Alone and With Others, and founder,
Amherst Writers & Artists

I loved this book. Attentive to the wild interior and natural worlds, Ann McNeal’s poems of daily meditation take us into spaces of freedom, feeling, search, and faith: the now where “without expectation/ something opens.”  ~ Robin Chapman, author of Smoke and Strong Whiskey and the eelgrass meadow.

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